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A Guide to Staying Safe at The Cash Point


Did you know that millions of pounds are stolen at UK cashpoints every single year? £36.7 million to be exact. Nowadays, when you intend on using a cashpoint you need to remain vigilant at all times – scammers are bringing out clever, advanced new schemes every week to try to take your hard earned cash! Cashpoints are the easiest, most

OAP Spies Undercover At Care Homes


The treatment of residents in care homes has long been subject of scrutiny by the general public and state health care officials. We regularly hear about the mistreatment of residents in many care homes around the UK. For example, there was a recent article that reported on the abuse of residents at the Orchid View care home near Crawley in West Sussex,

Police Stop Terrorist Attack in London


Under the Terrorism Act 2000, metropolitan police officers successfully managed to arrest four men earlier this month whom they believe had plans to perform a terrorist attack in central London. Since the 7/7 bombings things have been quite quiet in the capital, but this could have changed dramatically had police not acted on intelligence when they did. Allegedly, MI5 had

24,000 People Will Die This Year From Rising Fuel Costs


This week the national media have been reporting how Britain’s biggest energy firms have announced fuel price increases, at a time of year when demand is likely to rise due to the colder weather we are having as we approach winter. A sad state of affairs Most people in the UK, like myself, have no choice but to fork out

A Guide to Buying The Property of Your Dreams

9504759046_7d7dda8443_b If you want to buy the property of your dreams, you might not know where to start. It can be hard knowing what makes a property great if you have never bought one before. In any case, there is no need for you to feel confused. You will come to learn that finding the property of your dreams is, in fact, a relatively simple task once you know what to look out for. Decide on Your Budget Before you do anything, you must figure out how much you are willing to pay. Once you know how much you want to spend on a property you will then be able to make all your other decisions. Your budget is going to determine where you live and what you live in. If you are not sure how much you need to budget, look Continue Reading Story >>>

Will More Stringent Mortgage Qualification Rules Lead To Another Crisis?

gg (2) “Boom and bust” is an apt phrase to use for the housing market over the last thirty years. Nigel Lawson was responsible for the boom era back in the 1980s when he was Chancellor. It ended up with interest rates going through the roof as house prices began to soar beyond all expectations. When the effect of the rates kicked in, prices slumped, and new owners found themselves in negative equity. The financial crash presented a different set of problems. The cause of the problem was irresponsible lending and short-term profiteering by the banks. When people could not repay the loans, banks went to the wall. Luckily the conservatives came into power and figured out ways for the poor to shoul Continue Reading Story >>>

Totally Simple Business Ideas Anyone Can Try In 2014

businessideas1 You might think that starting your own business in 2014 would be fraught with complications and uncertainties. Well, you’d be right. However, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the chances of hitting the big time, and these mainly relate to your understanding of the target market. So, today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the most lucrative new business ideas around today. All you need to do is select the one you feel is most appropriate, and start looking at the figures. If you truly believe you could create a reliable income stream after that, you should most definitely plough ahead and do your best. At the end of the day, some businesses will succeed, and som Continue Reading Story >>>

Tips That Will Help You to Pass Any Course

6185395256_5cfc243ed8_z Ok, let me start off by saying that there’s no strategy imparticular that guarantees you’ll do well in a course. In fact, there are loads of tips out there for students who have a feeling of impending doom about the course they’re about to study. The following tips used together, however, should help you to get the most out of your course, and help you get a pass the majority of the time. Take a Class That Channels Your Interests By taking a class that reflects any interests you have, you’re much more likely to complete it and do well. Research courses you think you’ll enjoy, and this will make a course much easier and enjoyable for you. Be On Time, Ready to Learn You can’t alway Continue Reading Story >>>

Should You Drive An Automatic Car?

png;base645d7dd7aea9fa6b6f In the UK and Europe, people have traditionally driven cars with manual transmissions as they are cheap to manufacture and are suitable for cars with smaller engines, such as those used in city cars and small to medium hatchbacks and saloons. Manual transmissions give the driver ultimate control over gearing, and make it possible to achieve good fuel economy from their cars Head over to the United States and you will find that the majority of cars produced there have automatic transmissions. They are dearer to produce (but conversely make cars fitted with them more valuable), and were typically only suited to cars with larger six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engines. So why is it that the tren Continue Reading Story >>>