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A Guide to Staying Safe at The Cash Point


Did you know that millions of pounds are stolen at UK cashpoints every single year? £36.7 million to be exact. Nowadays, when you intend on using a cashpoint you need to remain vigilant at all times – scammers are bringing out clever, advanced new schemes every week to try to take your hard earned cash! Cashpoints are the easiest, most

OAP Spies Undercover At Care Homes


The treatment of residents in care homes has long been subject of scrutiny by the general public and state health care officials. We regularly hear about the mistreatment of residents in many care homes around the UK. For example, there was a recent article that reported on the abuse of residents at the Orchid View care home near Crawley in West Sussex,

Police Stop Terrorist Attack in London


Under the Terrorism Act 2000, metropolitan police officers successfully managed to arrest four men earlier this month whom they believe had plans to perform a terrorist attack in central London. Since the 7/7 bombings things have been quite quiet in the capital, but this could have changed dramatically had police not acted on intelligence when they did. Allegedly, MI5 had

24,000 People Will Die This Year From Rising Fuel Costs


This week the national media have been reporting how Britain’s biggest energy firms have announced fuel price increases, at a time of year when demand is likely to rise due to the colder weather we are having as we approach winter. A sad state of affairs Most people in the UK, like myself, have no choice but to fork out

Why Diesel Cars Are A Bad Idea – For Our Pockets, And Our Health

png;base64172ee937e0ef95d2 If you talk to the general public on their opinions of diesel cars, many of them will tell you that they are economical on fuel and subsequently cheaper to keep on the road than their petrol equivalents. Road tax, or “vehicle excise duty” to give it its proper name, is generally cheaper for diesels due to the lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that come from them. These are some of the reasons why motorists opt for diesel cars, especially those that commute on long journeys on a regular basis. The haulage industry also uses diesel-powered HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), people in the agriculture industry use diesel tractors and heavy machinery, and the public transport infrastr Continue Reading Story >>>

How Futuristic Car Technologies Can Be Seen In Today’s Cars

png;base64ae70b71a6bde3bb5 Are you old enough to remember a kid’s cartoon show called The Jetsons? No? OK, then I’m pretty sure you will have seen the 2004 movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith. In both of those examples, there are futuristic-looking cars flying (not driving!) around the place. You might be forgiven for thinking that a lot of the styles, features or technologies seen in those cars are a far way off from what’s available in the cars of today and tomorrow, but you might be shocked to learn that futuristic motoring is actually available right now! Here are some of tomorrow’s car technologies available today! Electric cars Most of us are used to driving around in cars with internal combustion e Continue Reading Story >>>

Price Rise For Coffee As Drought Hits Brazil

COFFE Can you imagine a world without coffee? I know, it’s too hard to imagine. But that’s where we could be heading as the world’s biggest coffee producer, Brazil, is enduring its worst drought in decades. Usually at this time of year the fragile arabica coffee plants, found in the Brazilian mountains, mature with blossoming white plants and cherry-like pods containing coffee beans. But the drought has in fact destroyed crop yields causing coffee prices to soar higher than 50%, and that’s just so far. The devastating drought has almost brought Brazil to a standstill, forcing more than 140 cities to ration water. Brazilian media reported that some unfortunate districts are getting water on Continue Reading Story >>>

New Figures Show We Spend More On Our Pets Than Ourselves

dog In America, last year, pet owners spent over $61 billion on their pets; nearly double the amount that was spent around the world on cinema tickets. In the UK, pet owners spent over £15 billion on pampering their pets; more than what we spend on nights out on the town, collectively. These new figures show that we spend more money on making our pets happy, then we do on making ourselves happy. How and why? The Real Cost of a Pet According to research by pet insurance companies, it costs the average Brit £17,000 to look after a cat or dog in its lifetime, not including the initial cost of your new puppy or kitten. Numbers are put together using the average cost of pet food, cat litter or pup Continue Reading Story >>>

7 Ways Cars Of The Future Could Be Integrated With Smartphones

car In order to keep motorists buying their vehicles, car manufacturers are often coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful technology ideas which they believe will help us enhance our driving experience on Britain’s roads. Photo via Flickr For example, there are cars that feature adaptive lights when turn on when you go around a corner, as well as those which make use of regenerative braking technology which basically uses your car’s braking system to recharge the battery. Some new cars even feature auto start-stop technology; this clever fuel efficiency technology turns your engine off when you are stationary for a minimum period of time and then automatically starts up again when y Continue Reading Story >>>